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  • Friday, September 08, 2006

    I wonder if TomKat are feeling inadequate?

    Remember all the hub-bub and speculation about how gorgeous Brad Pitt's child with Angelina Jolie would be? People extrapolated from each of their incredibly fabulous looks and figured, if all went right with genetic recombination, that this kid would be off the scales on the drop-dead gorgeous-o-meter.

    Notice how no press, no entertainment "news" shows, no comedians spun the same commentary about TomKitten? I guess neither Tom nor Kat are incredibly gorgeous enough to merit the speculation. They are merely attractive, on a normal scale. But as it turns out, the kid is awfully cute.

    Of course she is.

    And poor Shiloh, to have so many expectations placed on her already. Woe is her if she's only mortally beautiful instead of epically so.

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