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  • Friday, September 01, 2006

    Ernesto blows

    My most reviled weather is cold rain. To me, there isn't much worse. And that's pretty much what we got today and will continue to suffer through over the long holiday weekend, or part of it anyway.

    Walking in the rain home from the metro, I got wet from the thighs down because of the diagonal sheets of rain being hurled at me combined with my unability to maintain cover as I followed along in the umbrella dance, trying to keep some part of my body dry while the umbrella swirled around me in leaps and flounces... with me helpless to do anything but try and keep up while not allowing the umbrella to go airborne, impale a fellow pedestrian or be completely destroyed in the gales.

    Turns out that I'm not as graceful as a green umbrella dancing to the tune of Ernesto.

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