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  • Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Random bizarre references

    Twice in as many days, I've had different folks mention to me that Driscoll's strawberries are the best.

    I have an aunt who grew up in Watsonville, CA and because she wants to support the economy of her hometown, she only buys strawberries from Watsonville. So I started doing the same. The other day, she told me that I should buy Driscoll's because they are the best berries and the company is headquartered in Watsonville.

    Then the next day, a friend/colleague told me in a discussion about strawberries (I don't have a clue why we were discussing them) that, yes, indeed Driscoll's is the brand to buy. Not only do they have all sorts of scientific research behind and to develop their berries, but apparently they also have patented the strain -- and the company even tests the DNA of other brands' berries to protect their intellectual property.

    So there you have it folks. The last word on strawberries.

    Told ya' it was both random and bizarre.

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