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  • Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Lazy Sunday mornings

    No demands. No deadlines. Nothing but really good coffee and all the time in the world... ahhh!

    Folks have told me to enjoy my unemployment, but that has been tough to do because I tend to stress over money. No job, no income. Also, I tend to be really practical about things, so quitting my job without another lined up was hugely risky and definitely out of character for me... and the result has basically been one huge ol' bundle of stress, sometimes lurking in the background and sometimes exploding all over me. (Now, if I were Moral Turpitude, I'd do a really cool drawing showing my alternate realities of stress lurking and it exploding... but alas, non).

    This morning, the stress didn't mug me. In fact, it remained completely in the shadows and didn't even threaten to pounce.

    So this is progress that I actually just enjoyed the morning.

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