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  • Monday, May 18, 2009

    Damn. Enough already!

    Let's see, my past few months have included...
    * bathroom leak that flooded the kitchen (February 12th)
    * molar pregnancy and ensuing procedure (February 13th) while the baseball remains to be dealt with
    * kidney transplant for Dad (March 31st) and follow-up care (ongoing)
    * various car problems (ongoing)
    * chipped my front tooth (May 3rd)
    * ruptured pipe in ceiling that flooded basement (May 3rd), necessitating an overhaul of our plumbing and redoing pretty much the entire basement (it's gonna cost us a chunk)

    And now, the worst thing yet.  My grandmother had a very serious stroke on Thursday last week (May 14th).  She's in the ICU.  At first, they didn't think she was going to survive, but she did.  And I had hope that she'd recover.  Maybe not fully, but at least functionally to some degree.  Before the stroke, she was completely lucid and active and lived independently.  Now, she meanders in and out of consciousness and has moments of partial lucidity.  But she spoke every so often and even opened her eyes.  She responded to stimuli and our voices somewhat.  And I had hope.

    But it's been four days now, and the doctors are saying that they don't expect her to recover any further.  And I'm feeling a bit crushed.  I could deal with her condition well enough when I had the hope that she'd fight through it ('cuz she's really tough), but now I'm thinking my hope is futile.  And I am so. very. sad.  Grandma was so vibrant that it's hard to fathom that she isn't likely to recover.  There was no gradual decline.  She went from life in the fast lane (for a 94-year old, that is) to stop.


    We'll find out more tonight.  But I don't feel so optimistic anymore.

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