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  • Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    The high cost of weddings

    Not for us, but rather going to one out of town. Here's the breakdown:

    $379.80 -- airfare for two (so that's $189.90 each)
    $30.00 -- airport parking for a long weekend
    $30.00 -- luggage fees (one checked bag each way)
    $390.03 -- hotel (two nights room and parking)
    $105.00 -- car rental
    $934.83 -- total

    This doesn't include the present, gas, food or other incidental fees. AND, if only one of us had gone, then the cost would have only been reduced by $190 (one airfare).

    E-gads. About $1150 when you add in the present.

    Although I have attended a number of out-of-town weddings, I never did this math before and didn't realize how much weddings cost for out-of-towners who have to fly in, stay in a hotel and rent a car.

    But, no regrets. We're glad we went.

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