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  • Sunday, December 07, 2008

    Ball gown

    I bought a gown yesterday for the inaugural balls next month. We have tickets to two. I'll probably wear this to the first one.

    It doesn't fit me like this size 2 model, but it looks pretty good. I have boobs but no waist or hips, and this gives me more curves. I am going to get gold opera-length gloves to wear with it. We'll see how that looks. If it's too costume-y, then I'll go without. I will also have to wear 3-inch heels to make sure I'm taller than the dress is long. I'll be half a head over SM with those heels, if I survive getting down the stairs and outta my house wearing them.

    I also have another gown that I bought on eBay for the inaugurals. That one is at least a size too big and about half a foot too long. It will need some serious alterations. I like the style a lot, so I'll probably try to get it altered in time. I mean, when else will I wear a ball gown? The last time I wore one was prom. More than 20 years ago.

    Here's the second one. If I were about 5' 10", I would be tall enough to wear it. Alas, no. Not even in killer heels.

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