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  • Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Round paper packages tied up with string...

    Okay, so maybe it's a bit hokie, but do I get credit for trying to be positive and optimistic and hopeful?  Even if I'm not swirling around in my nightgown dancing with Julie Andrews in the middle of a thunderstorm?

    Happy news: SM comes home tonight.  I bought a dress on ebay that I think will work for some of the inaugural events we're attending next month.  I'm looking forward to the holidays.  I think I will finally resolve an issue with Macy's (about a gift on my registry) that has been on-going since JULY.  I'm feeling better.

    No news: The job I'm waiting to hear about.  Put off my performance evaluation until today because I was feeling so crappy yesterday.

    And I don't have any grumpy news.  So file that under "happy news" too.

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