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  • Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Good news and bad news

    I just got off the phone with my dad.  The good news is that he's doing better -- his energy is up; he's taking less medication; he feels more optimistic (and so do his doctors).

    The bad news is what I haven't posted until now.  He's in kidney failure.  Almost.  Both kidneys have been in steady decline for some time with something like 20% function.  He has been seeing a myriad of specialists who have been discussing dialysis with him.  And possibly a kidney transplant.  That scares me.

    The good news is that his health has improved such that he may not need a transplant (yet).  Just dialysis (probably).  He has additional appointments coming up.

    The bad news is that he steadfastly was refusing to even consider a kidney donation from one of his kids (all of whom are adults, ranging from 24 to 43 years old).

    The good news is that I just argued him into recognizing the stupidity of his intractability, and now he's open to the idea that if he needs a transplant, then he might consider accepting one from a family member if there's a good match.  He'll at least discuss the matter with the family rather than making a unilateral decision.

    I am a good lawyer!  I just won my case. But more importantly, I got my dad to open up to possibilities that may help his health.

    But I'm still scared for Dad.  Hopefully unreasonably so.

    But then again, since when is fear reasonable?

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