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  • Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    America's Biggest Loser

    I got into watching that show a year ago when I decided to take my weight loss seriously.  I used it as motivation, sorta.  I didn't want to be that fat.  And I wasn't.  But I figured if folks that out of shape could change their lives, so could I.  And it worked to the extent that my weight-loss tracked theirs, sorta.

    Well, it's been approximately a year since I started that original diet journey.  In the first three months of it, I lost approximately 30 pounds and then plateaued.  I didn't lose more.  But, I have also pretty much maintained that loss, give or take (right now, I'm on the "ooof" side of that 30... meaning, not as close as I used to be).

    But my original goal was at least 40.  So I've decided to begin anew.  The number of pounds I need to shed to reach 40 is much fewer, but they will be harder.  Since I've gained a few pounds in the past week, I think the total is now 15 more to 40 off.

    And, I also decided that if I get to the 40 mark and keep it off, I'm buying myself an iPhone (that is, if I still think I want it when I reach my goal).

    Game on!


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