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  • Sunday, September 07, 2008


    Okay, the next season is underway. #11 in, what, five years?

    I have to pull for Sheena 'cuz she's a sista, the only Asian in the house. I also have to root for Isis because she's a local girl from PG County (and wat up wit dat? everyone else is from a town, but she's from a county?). Now, rooting for these two doesn't mean I think they'll do well. Although I actually do think Sheena will get pretty far.

    I do think Clark will do well 'cuz there's no denying how pretty she is. Elina seems to photograph well and knows her angles already -- although it's clear that she was picked for the show to make for good TV as she tries to hook up with one of the other girls. And Analeigh is cute too -- she's got that Denise Richards look. I also like McKay (formerly known as Brittany S.) and Marjorie because they are different.

    Okay, so that doesn't say much about anything, does it? Oh well. One thing though... I guess this season is off to a better start than previous cycles because I know a lot of the names already, as opposed to previous "seasons" when it took several shows for me to remember them.

    Anyway, I was glad that Sharaun was kicked off. She annoyed me. Nikeysha needs to go too.

    And who the heck does Joslyn look like? It's driving me nutz.


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