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  • Friday, August 29, 2008


    Ditto Harmless Error's take on the Palin pick. And also Hillary Rosen, who said, "Undecided women liked [Sen. Hillary] Clinton because they saw her as qualified to be president. This pick is an insult to them..."

    I agree. I am really insulted that anyone would think a disaffected Hillary supporter or any woman might consider voting for McCain because he chose a female running mate.

    Do you think women are stoopid or sumthin'?

    Listen. I supported Hillary because I agreed with her policy positions and because she is smart, a great operative, and has the experience to do the job. I also love the idea that I might help elect our first female president.

    Palin, on the other hand, ... is a woman. End of story.

    I do think she has the potential to be a great operative. But not yet. She doesn't have the experience. Who knows if she has the brain-power. As governor of Alaska, she governed approximately 670,000 people. That is 260,000 fewer than the COUNTY I live in. Which means that our county executive is probably more qualified for the veep job than she is.

    No doubt.


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