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  • Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    Some pix of the chop.

    Here are some pictures of the chop, pre- and post-chop. For more pix of the 'do, check out my Facebook site.

    Basically, I now have a very boring, blah bob. Like someone's auntie or Hillary Clinton from the late 1990s. Not a pretty image, eh? That's why I'm bummed. There's nothing exciting or interesting about my hair. But whatever; it will grow. I haven't decided if I'll get another cut to give it more shape or just leave it alone for a while. It's probably better to leave it alone for a while and figure it all out before I take off more length.

    Anyhoo... This is my third donation of about a foot since 2001. No regrets on the donation, but I won't be going back to that salon.

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