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  • Saturday, September 06, 2008

    As seen on TV...

    I got a fish pedicure today.

    Yup, that's right. A fish pedicure. Little fish nibble away the dead skin on your feet to soften them, etc., and then you get a regular pedicure to make your tootsies all purty.

    It definitely tickled a little. Kinda like how your foot feels when it falls asleep... pins and needles. But not painful, just ticklish.

    It was expensive for a pedicure, but a fun experience (went with a friend). I'd go back, maybe in a month or so.

    My friend got in first. She couldn't stop giggling. Here are the fishies tasting her tootsies.

    And my feet. They nibble everywhere -- in between the toes, the arch, wherever they find something to snack on.

    Yeah, I guess they were hungry, feasting on my feet.

    My left food... um, I mean, foot.

    After the fish feasted, we got regular pedicures. Here are our shiny happy feet!

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