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  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    My best wedding present evah!

    A summer cold from my darling SM. The gift that keeps on giving (although I don't expect to give it to anyone else except perhaps SM). Yea... not.

    Otherwise, otherwise, nothing so exciting going on in this neck of the woods...

    SM is excited that his fantasy football drafts are being run this week. I expect to have no interaction with him this evening as all of his attention will be focused on his computer.

    And also the Veepstakes has us jazzed. I still think Biden is most likely. But the Obama folks may surprise us with someone who hasn't been in the circle of punditry. We'll see on Saturday.

    We're still watching the Olympics. Thank goodness we were not at work last week so we could stay up late to watch them. How did you work folks on the East Coast manage to stay tuned in until the wee hours of the morning and still make it to work with half a brain the next day? And, without suggesting that the Chinese are anything less than a gymnastic powerhouse, I think they have have been favored in the scoring by the judges while the Americans have been judged more harshly. Maybe not so much in the team competition, but definitely on the individual ones. I think some of the outcomes weren't exactly right. Ya' know, 'cuz I'm a gymnastics expert.

    The weather has been very nice. It almost feels like we never had a summer -- just an extended spring -- because the dog days were fairly few and not so oppressive.

    I have to start catching up with the rest of my life. There are a number of things I had put on the back burner while planning the wedding. Now, if only I could remember what they were? D'oh.

    And there ya' have it. Fascinating stuff, eh?

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