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  • Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Rumors, speculation and innuendo...

    about the Veepstakes, of course.

    My current front-runner is Biden. But I heard an interesting theory earlier today: Obama will pick Mark Warner. All this hullabuloo about Tim Kaine is a red herring to distract scrutiny on Warner (who would be an excellent pick, btw). Assuming Warner is elected senator ('cuz his name can't come off the ballot now), then Kaine would have to appoint a replacement. And he'd then name himself.

    Sound a little conspiracy-theorist? Yeah, I think so too. But it's still fun to play out in my head...

    [Update: MSNBC is reporting that Biden has said, "I'm not the guy." So much for my hunch, unless this too is a red herring...? I just hope it's not Kaine. Nothing personal against him; neither he nor Obama have finished a term of elected office at the national level. And that's too green for me. SM says it's Kaine. I'm hoping for Bayh or someone else. We'll see on Saturday.]


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