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  • Saturday, August 16, 2008

    I'm back from our mini-moon

    And it was mini, but thoroughly relaxing. We went to my uncle's lakehouse in central Virginia for some quiet time away from DC. We mostly ate (like pigs!) and read and slept in and did little more. It was great. We didn't go waterskiing, but we did hit several local wineries, one of which is SM's fave when it comes to Virginia wines. He bought a case.

    We drove back last night, and I am very happy to have the weekend to transition back into the real world. Gidget is very happy to be home. She did just fine in the car (her first long trip with us) and was a perfect house guest, but I can tell that she's infinitely more relaxed at home.

    So we are very (fat and) happy here.

    (BTW, I did get the wedding pix before we left -- yay digital! -- but didn't have time to go through them. I'll work on that this weekend, along with opening our wedding gifts...!)

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