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  • Monday, August 18, 2008

    A celebration of hapa-nation!

    Multi-Culturalism Explained In One Word: Hapa
    Tell Me More, August 18, 2008 · In a guest commentary, the program's outgoing Intern, Kristin Lee, describes how she explains her multi-cultural roots, and why she embraces the term "HAPA" to describe her heritage.
    People describe me as "hapa" all of the time, although I grew up on the East Coast and didn't make my first trip to Hawai`i until my 30s.

    However, "hapa" is a term becoming more widely recognized and used, and it's a good shorthand for this CroAsian chick. (Japanese on my dad's side and Croatian on my mom's. But I'm fourth generation -- e.g., my great grandparents immigrated -- American all the way around.)

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