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  • Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    The big squish.

    The great rite of passage for women who are 40 -- our first mammogram. I'll spare you the gory details because I don't want to relive them, but suffice to say -- owwwch (x 5 because the tech took five pictures).

    And now I'm back in the office after that fun experience. I took the bus across town to get here and saw something you don't often see on the streets of Washington, DC -- a line of women in sashes with one wearing a sparkly crown.

    And no, they weren't drag queens. (At least, I'm fairly certain they weren't.)

    I think they were the queen and her court of some Cherry Blossom festival. They may have been the DC version (it is that time of year, after all) or imports from Japan. I couldn't tell. They were all Asian, however, and wearing pink suits, which leads me to think they were the imports. That and the fact that it looks like the US Queen will be crowned this Friday.

    Last but not least, LissyJo might be happy to learn that the building where I got the big squish also had a breastfeeding center. I don't know exactly what a breastfeeding center is, but it sounds like something that might interest her.

    Now back to my lunch.

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