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  • Sunday, March 09, 2008

    I wuz robbed!**

    Ya' know, it's that "spring forward, fall back thing" that's got me bent outta shape.

    You see, today is my birthday. (Yay!)

    Today we also lost an hour because of daylight savings time. (Boo!)

    Ordinarily, losing an hour is rough enough because it means I get less sleep, but this year, it also means that my birthday will only be 23 hours long.

    And that's just not right.

    I blame President Bush. He's done all sorts of nasty stuff to this country, but this is personal! I mean, how mean do you have to be to rob someone of part of her birthday???

    Double boo, hiss!

    So, I've decided to just keep on celebrating until there is no more celebrating to be done. I have dinner tonight with my mom; tomorrow is with SM. Tuesday is friends. Wednesday is my dad and stepmother... (and yeah, the diet is out the window this month, but all for a good reason).

    And, BTW, I'm forty. The big 4-0. Even though I've sorta, kinda known this was coming for the past 40 years, it was still kinda shocking to get a birthday card that said 4-0 on the front.

    Is there anyway to take the birthdays without the aging?

    **In the past, I would have said "gypped" but I recently came to understand that this term is derived from "gypsy" and less than flattering views of them (being cheaters, dishonest, etc.). So, nope. No more. Recognizing the power that words have, I am trying to eliminate any from my vocabulary that are based on outdated notions (e.g., "old wives' tale") or possible sexist origins (e.g., "rule of thumb") or stereotypes such as this.


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