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  • Monday, March 03, 2008

    To invite or not to invite

    Kids, that is. To your wedding. That's the question explored by this NYT article.

    Our answer is that we are NOT inviting the children of in-town friends, unless we have a personal relationship with the children themselves. We are, however, inviting the kids of out-of-town friends and family (as well as in-town kiddie relatives). We will be providing a babysitter in a separate room, with a DVD player and distracting stuff. There's also a jungle gym outside and putt-putt golf. Once we figure out how many kids will be coming, we'll decide how many babysitters we'll need. It will probably be either zero or at least two.

    I also deliberately mail merged the RSVP cards to have the names of those invited on it with a total number (e.g., SS and SM, a party of 2, respond....). Hopefully that will cut down on the number of write-in responses.


    I guess I'll see!

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