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  • Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Which do you like better?

    This one?

    Or this one?

    They are, of course, wedding invitations.

    I like the simplicity and elegance of the top one, but the color options (for printing and the envelope insert) are limited. I'm also worried that it's too simple.

    The color choices for the second one are much wider -- and the layout is cool -- but I'm worried that it's too much. Too fussy and swirly. And when I look at both of them side-by-side, the second one definitely looks too ornate. What do you think?

    SM, if he had his way, would buy packets of pre-printed invitations from the card store (you know, the kind you use for kids' birthday parties and baby showers and the like) and write in the info. Um, no. I do want to save money, but I'm not willing to go that route.

    Fortunately with the internet, there are many much less expensive options for printing invitations these days. These are fairly affordable without being too tacky or ugly... right?

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