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  • Friday, December 21, 2007

    Weenie Royale

    No, not some of the folks who work in my office -- and no, not my brother either. Not this time, at least. This time, this reference is to food during the internment. It's a story about adaptation.

    It can be found online here. In addition to reading the text and viewing the pictures, you can also listen to the actual NPR story, which is about 7 minutes long and seems slightly different than the text posted.

    I found this piece particularly interesting because I wrote my undergrad thesis on how the internment impacted the family structure. One way that internment undermined traditional Japanese (or Japanese American) culture was by making meals communal, not-family focused. Kids ate often with their friends in the messhall rather than their parents. Mothers and grandmothers no longer prepared traditional foods... Fathers often weren't even present. These changes had huge impact on how the younger generation was raised and perceived themselves.

    But, I digress. That was part of my thesis. This story is more about the food.

    An interesting historical glimpse.

    With recipes (which will most likely appeal to those under ten or in college).

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