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  • Monday, December 24, 2007

    Back from the great white north

    Just got back from New Hampshire where the visit with SM's family went fine. His stepmother was a little... um, I don't know how to describe it... She kinda left me to help myself. Now, I didn't expect to be waited on hand and foot, but when we got there, we hadn't had dinner yet. She didn't offer us anything to eat, so SM had to speak up and say that we hadn't had dinner. She basically nodded towards the fridge and said that we were welcome to help ourselves.

    Now, there's nothing wrong with the "help yourself" attitude. It gets around formality really quickly and indicates that someone is not so much a guest but a part of the family. But we had just gotten off of a plane and were hungry and had to make our own food. Felt kinda... a cool greeting? I dunno. Just not what I (nor anyone in my family) would have done, so it was weird -- and I didn't know how to interpret the behavior.

    That was essentially my first impression.

    Looking back, I think SM's stepmother was over-exhausted from the holidays and family stuff, but it took me the whole visit to suss her out. I wouldn't say she ever warmed up, per se, but I never felt not welcome. And everyone else was very excited that I came up, which was very nice. It was also fun to see SM's father and brother -- I learned that some of SM's behavior is very common among his male relatives. So I guess I have to be more forgiving of some of his foibles (he's not that bad... well, not usually anyway).

    And, needless to say, we ate waaaay too much -- and nothing whatsoever healthy. We visited various family members and met an aunt, cousins, grandfather, siblings, etc. I also got to see where SM grew up. It was fun to learn more about him.

    Another fun part of being in NH? Seeing all of the political signage everywhere. Believe it or not, Ron Paul may have been the best represented. Either him or Mitt. We saw several Obama signs. A few Edwards signs. Hillary was certainly present, as was Rudy. Not a single McCain sign to be seen. Nor any Biden or Dodd or Richardson. Which is sad because we even saw a Gravel placard (although nothing for Kucinich).

    Anyway, I'm back and tired. Gotta get some presents wrapped before dinner with my mom and brothers tonight.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

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