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  • Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Reason #4,356 why I am a complete idiot...

    So, this morning I had to get up uber early to get to a training downtown that started, well, uber early. Fortunately for me, SM had taken the day off, so he was able to save me 15 minutes of sweating by driving me to the metro station instead of me walking. Yay.

    After that, it all went downhill. As I hauled my sorry, sweaty, sleepy ass down the escalator and boarded the metro train, I thought to myself, "Self, you are going to a federal building, which means you'll need a photo ID to enter. Since you are indeed a federal employee, why not put on your federal badge to facilitate the process? Heck, why not put it on now to save the fumbling later?"

    And then I told myself that that was indeed a good idea. So, sitting on the metro, I opened my purse to grab my ID from the pocket where I usually keep it.

    No ID.

    My purse is rather small, so there weren't too many places it could go. I fumbled around my purse hoping to locate it. But alas, no. No ID. Not in the purse or the briefcase I was also carrying.


    Then I tried to remember if I could recall taking it off last night and putting it in my purse... and no, I had no distinct memory of doing that. So I wondered if the ID was still on my pants from yesterday? Maybe, but then again, I washed those pants last night, and I know the ID wasn't on them when I tossed them into the washer or dryer. So, no dice there.

    Then I wondered if perhaps I had left the ID in my office yesterday? I sometimes take it off (the ID, that is) at work when it's irritating me or I have no belt loop to which I can affix it. A possibility, but not likely. Hmmm, what the heck did I do with that stupid badge?

    And then I started to get really irritated at myself because I had left my cell phone at home, so I couldn't call SM to have him check the table where I had my purse or other possible places where the ID might have escaped to. And I was going to a training, so I couldn't call him first thing in the morning when I got into the office because I wasn't due into the office until first thing in the afternoon.

    Crap. I was getting really irritated by this point. I started having visions of having to get a temporary one issued and then a new one when I couldn't find it. And the office would make fun of me as the girl who lost her ID in less than a year when most had had theirs without incident since issuance. Every scenario of how my stupidity would come to light for all to mock ran through my head. Grrrr... it wasn't a pretty sight.

    And I got even more annoyed with myself.

    Great way to start the morning, eh? No ID and no cell phone to call anyone about it. And the hassle of getting a new ID issued. Ugh. I was working myself up into a mini-tizzy over this. All directed at myself, of course.

    Soon, however, we were pulling into the station where I needed to transfer, so I stood up and walked to the doors on the metrocar and waited there until the train stopped and the doors opened.

    And while waiting, I noticed my reflection in the glass of the doors. And I noticed that dangling from my belt loop, there hung my ID. The one I had previously thought would be good to put on in anticipation of going to the training. Apparently, the thought was such a good one that it ran through my head twice. Only I forgot that little detail -- and the part where I actually put it on.

    What an idiot. What a waste of energy.

    I guess it was a good thing after all that I didn't have my cell phone to call SM to get him looking for it. I only would have had to call him back later to tell him what an idiot I am. That the entire time I was looking for it to put it on, I was already wearing it.

    Idiot. Complete and total.

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