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  • Wednesday, July 12, 2006


    What would the religious right say?

    I know several people who espouse the view that they do not intend to get married because of all the political baggage and hurtful discrimination that the religious right is heaping upon the word "marriage". Further, say these folks, while they have nothing against a civil ceremony to sanctify the relationship with legal meaning, they do not want a "marriage" until that option is open to same sex couples. In the meantime, they choose neither and will simply live together.

    So, this mini-strike against "marriage" basically means that these hetero folks will "live in sin" rather than get married. I wonder if the religious right realizes that their efforts to legally define marriage as between a man and a woman in an effort to "save traditional values" is pushing people to eschew marriage completely and opt for the non-traditional route...?

    Of course, opting out of marriage and foregoing its legal benefits is a luxury that many cannot afford. So I don't know that this trend towards eschewing marriage will have any impact in the overall scheme of the religious right, but they should know that one immediate and direct consequence of their politics is couples "living in sin".

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