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  • Friday, July 07, 2006

    I had an old person moment on the metro

    Red line train to Silver Spring. Picture this scene: college girl sitting and chatting with college guy who is standing and playing with his yo-yo (no, that is not a euphamism; he actually had a yo-yo) and his girlfriend who is just hanging out (literally -- that dress was way low cut).

    They're discussing the new The Pirates of the Caribbean movie and how much they love, love Johnny Depp and the character he plays. Guy is very animated as he yo-yos away. He is going on and on about the movie and the Depp character Captain Jack. He tells Girl and Girlfriend that if the third movie is any good, he's going to have to buy the second one on DVD because he already has the first one and if the third one is any good, he can't not have the second one and... (you get the picture, right?)

    Girl, still sitting, says that she's heard they are definitely going to make a third movie. "In fact," she tells them excitedly, "Keith Richards has been cast as Captain Jack's father. Isn't that perfect?"

    Boy and Girlfriend look at her and then each other and both ask, "Who is Keith Richards?"

    (I slap my forehead, look at my friend and pull a face.)

    Kids these days, what are you gonna do?

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my old person moment on the metro.

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