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  • Saturday, July 08, 2006

    How long is too long for a sequel?

    We've all been there -- waited for years for a sequel to come out, waiting hours on line at a theater to actually see it. For those of us who saw all of the original Star Wars trilogy in the movie theater, you know what I'm talking about. Ditto Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    But when I was seeing The Devil Wears Prada -- which was highly entertaining and could earn Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination because she was that good -- yesterday, I saw a trailer for Clerks II, coming out this year.


    I saw the original Clerks in the theater... like more than ten years ago. And especially given the nature of the movie and its characters, I gotta wonder if the sequel can maintain the same humor and reality and style as what made the first successful.

    Those clerks as 30-somethings...? I dunno. But maybe that's a reason to see the movie?

    Maybe on Netflix.

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