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  • Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    Conspiracy theories anyone?

    This just in: DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe.

    Any guesses as to what conspiracies he'll cite as to why he was indicted? And look at that smug mug with the nasty smirk. This is a man who clearly thinks he's above it all.

    "You just don't fit in..."???

    "You just don't fit in"...? These are Martha Stewart's words to usher the apprentice wanna-bes out the door? Are you kidding me? What kind of wimpy-ass, touchy-feeling crap is that?

    How about:

    "You're canned!" (a wonderful pun, if I do say so myself) or
    "You're fried!" (notice the brilliant anagram of "fired") or
    "You're cooked!" or
    "Here's your pink slip..." or

    Just about anything else!?!?!

    Monday, September 26, 2005


    Why is it that when someone else is rude or mean to us (read: women generally), we internalize it and feel bad about ourselves? Why are we hurt, instead of angry that someone would behave so poorly, has such bad manners, is so narrow-visioned that they are not willing to look at us with an open mind, etc.??? Why do we allow ourselves to be injured by strangers in this way? Why do we do this to ourselves instead of recognizing that the other person is the one with the problem, not us?

    I know it's because such behavior touches a place of deep insecurity for us, that we are willing to go to that place and believe that we are somehow deserving of that treatment. Our brains tell us that it's their problem, but our hearts scream out that they may be right. We know they aren't, but we also question that as well.


    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    ISO GWLAW student

    If anyone is a current GWU law student, I'd like to ask a favor... Please drop me a line. Thanks!

    Coincidence or deeper meaning?

    Language is a funny thing... literally and figuratively. Language reveals so much about a culture and how people think.

    So why is it that if you merely add a letter...
    MOTHER becomes SMOTHER

    and if you subtract one...
    BROTHER becomes BOTHER.


    Why is it...?

    Why is it that at my age I still break out on my face? Isn't this supposed to be an adolescent affliction? Sheesh, I'm closer to menopause than puberty! Does this mean that when the "unsightly blemishes" stop, I'll smack right into age spots and wrinkles.

    What gives???

    Sad story... but why sue?

    I don't get this. What does the plaintiff hope to gain here, really? Nothing will bring the sister back. Does she just want an official validation that it's okay to blame the show?

    Sad. On so many levels.

    Our semesterly social thing

    Ever since my first year in law school, I have called upon my fellow sectionmates to go out to a local drinking/dining establishment for social purposes at least once a semester. Once in the fall and once in the spring. As evening students, we often rush to class and rush home, so it's nice to get together and be social, even if we invariably end up talking about school.

    Last night was the fall semester get-together. Attendance is severely hampered by the fact that many of our friends graduated this past May (traitors! they switched to the day program). Still, a core group of us made it, and we had fun. And, as usual, I played my game where I always ask questions to get the conversation started.

    Since we're all pretty good friends now, the usual Jeopardy question was old hat, so we started dissecting our law school experiences -- and our classmates -- with questions such as:

    * what advice would you give to an incoming student? (my answer: sign up for your bar review course early)
    * which class/professor do you wish you HAD taken but didn't get a chance? (A: participating in a clinic)
    * which class/professor do you regret taking? (A: administrative law because the professor was just awful)
    * which classmate would be most likely to have an affair with a professor?
    * which classmate is most likely to never practice law?
    * which classmate is most likely to become famous/infamous?
    among others...

    It was a really fun discussion, and very amusing to learn that many of us agreed on the responses to the classmate questions -- goes to show that we have similar perceptions of our classmates. Also a good opportunity to gossip!

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Thanks all!

    I implemented the changes and managed to get rid of those nasty advertisement auto-comments. I feel so much cleaner now that those stupid things have been eliminated -- they felt like such an invasion on my space. Ahhh...!

    And thanks again for the feedback and help. Couldn't have done it without you!

    Help please..!

    I keep getting these automatic advertisement comments on my blog. How do I either block or erase them?


    4E rising and falling

    Okay, so here's a bit of advice for the newbie law students: sign up for your bar review course now. It will really save you a chunk of cash. There is virtually no reason not to take the courses (they teach everything you forgot or never learned in laws school; besides, you don't want the competitive disadvantage of not taking it) -- and procrastination will only cost you in the end.

    I just parked my deposit of $175. I will end up paying $2300 for the course. If I had signed up last year, it would have been under $2000. Ouch.

    Lesson: just sign up now and lock in the rate. Procrastination is expensive.

    A crush

    I realized today that I have a schoolgirl crush on one of my professors. He's 53 and married and has very kind eyes and salt and pepper hair and the kind of build that demonstrates athletic prowess -- and he looks like he was the all-American boy next door and star of his high school baseball team...

    He's just dreamy...

    He's also a good prof with a sexy set of credentials (he clerked for two Supreme Court justices). Brains and beauty.


    How's a girl to concentrate in class?

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    A better man than I am

    I was really impressed by this story.

    An excerpt:

    The Texas home of Waco Rep. Chet Edwards sat unused much of the time. It doesn't now. He has turned it over to a family that fled Hurricane Katrina.

    "I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing we had a vacant home in Waco, where there were children of evacuees," said Mr. Edwards, an eight-term Democrat whose wife, Lea Ann, suggested loaning out their three-bedroom house since they and their two kids spend the school year in Washington.

    For Johnnie Marchand, the generosity in the face of her loss is remarkable.

    Wow. That's really generous. I don't think I would just give up my home to perfect strangers. I'm truly impressed.

    Call me naive, but I don't think this is your average politician's stunt to get votes or publicity. I don't see DeLay doing anything like this... in fact, I don't see him doing anything at all.

    I know it's not their fault...

    ... but I had to snicker anyway.

    Next to my classroom are the offices of a number of student organizations. All the organizations must share space because there are too many interests and not enough real estate. Groups with similar interests tend to share space with each other.

    On my way to the bathroom, I noticed the following three groups' office:

    Christian Legal Society
    Republican Law Students Association
    Federlist Society

    Heh. Heh, heh. I know I'm being a snob. I know it's not their mistake but rather a clerical one, but I just can't help it. Just what exactly is a "feder"?

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Head spinning

    Okay, so this is already the second week of class and I still don't have a firm grasp on my current reality. I have my schedule settled -- including a 9:00 am class on both Monday and Wednesday (ouch, that hurts). This is my first time to participate in non-seminar day classes. That is, I've taken day classes before (just left work and returned), but they were always these small seminars of no more than 15 people. This semester I have two lecture classes, one of which is all day students and I don't know a soul! The other is also a day class, but it is populated by LLM students. It's a tax class being taken by tax lawyers. Hmm, I think this might be a good opportunity to use my remaining pass/fail option. That's a curve I just don't want to battle!

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the things I need to catch up on... and the way I tend to deal with stress is by procrastinating. Not a good survival mechanism because it only exacerbates the issue. Gulp. However, among the many things which have happened recently, there are two things I wanted to take note of:

    Today is my baby sister's 21st birthday. Hard to believe she's grown up so much when I haven't aged at all (right?). I wasn't much younger than she is now when she was born -- time flies, flies, flies...! Happy Happy Birthday, C!!!

    Second is Katrina. Such devastation. Such horror. Such needless suffering. I can't get my head around the conditions the folks in New Orleans were subject to. And I really want to know WTF Bush was doing on vacation until the THIRD freakin' day of the disaster? That really pisses me off. I don't put a whole heckuva lot of credence in those who quickly play the race card, but what kind of compassionate conservatism allows a man to continue to ignore such suffering -- a national disaster -- for so long? Crawford is in the frigging relief zone, after all! (The Waco area accepted a great number of the displaced persons)

    My heart (and some of my money) goes out to those who have lost so much. I can't bear the stories of those who don't know where their families are. It breaks my heart, and I cannot imagine living with that fear and uncertainty. I feel such a level of impotence.

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