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  • Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Last post was almost a year ago...

    I bet you'd given up on me, eh? I was pretty much ready to hang it up with this blog too. 2009 was an incredibly taxing and difficult year for me, us. I was glad to see it end. And as the year wound down, I didn't know if I had anything left to write about. I was just tired. And uninspired.

    Sure, we had some cool trips this year -- Antarctica, Buenos Aires, Japan, Korea, New Orleans, Vegas... but they didn't compell me to write more than Facebook status updates.

    Now I think I might be back in a place where I want to write. And I have something to write about. And I need the anonymity of this blog to hide behind.

    I'm sure that I don't have any followers at this point due to the extreme hiatus, so I'm sure I can take refuge here. Right?

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