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  • Monday, October 12, 2009

    Like, omigawd, gag me with a spoon!

    I am a vision of an 80s hipster today. I have on an oversized college sweatshirt (SM's alma mater), leggings, scrunched tube socks ('cuz da' feet are cold) and my hair in a ponytail. All I need is a perm and a scrunchy, and voila -- I am the quintessential 80s college chick. Yes, I've rocked this look before.

    Speaking of which, I have noticed that 80s styles are coming back. Leggings -- check. Harem pants (a.k.a., "Hammer" pants or parachute pants) -- check. Oversized shirts/tunics -- check. Hipslung belts -- check. Slouched boots -- check. I've even heard mention of -- ::shudder:: -- of "Members Only"-style jackets coming back. Oh my. All we need is big hair. Think big hair will come back too?

    Scary when the "retro" look that is currently a la mode is something you wore before (and remember). Hmmm, I should check my closet. I bet I still have the slouchy boots and belts. No comment on the Members Only jacket. But I'd bet Scooter had one back in the day... eh?

    Where are my Reeboks anyway?

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