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  • Saturday, October 10, 2009


    We have an answer to my "What's next?" question: our computers.

    Mine has an internal electrical problem. The battery isn't charging -- not because of a bad battery or a bad cord. It's something in between and will cost $300 to fix. For a 5 year old computer. Ouch.

    But SM's computer hit the skids this morning. We're having trouble even powering it up. So this afternoon, he went out and bought a new laptop for $550. Nothing fancy, obviously. His old computer was from, we think, 2003, so yeah, it's about time. And let's face it, when your old computer is from 2003, a cheap new one is a huge upgrade. So he's happy with his new toy.

    I, on the other hand, will probably have to wait a while until we upgrade mine. Until then, I'll be plugged in DC here in DC.

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