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  • Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Who could that be knocking at my door?

    Especially at 7:30 this morning?

    Turns out it's some workers who have come to remove the tree in our front yard. The tree is half dead and old enough that the branches get pulled down by the wind on a regular basis. Fortunately, the branches only fell on the lawn, not our cars, but we always avoided parking the car under the tree during storms. Anyway, the worker dude wanted me to move our car so they could work.

    Of course, I didn't know they were coming today. I knew the tree was slated for removal, but no one told us when. About a year ago (yes, a year), the county came by and marked the tree for removal. The reason it's half-dead is because some genius 60 years ago, when the house was built, thought it was a good idea to plant a tree directly under the power lines. All up and down the street. Many of the trees have already been removed, and those that remain have been trimmed and cut back into a weird V shapes to avoid the power lines. Not only did the trimming result in a strangled-looking trees, but the trees are dying as a result.

    So now I'm watching it being taken down. And I'm a bit sad to see it go. It was a fairly large tree that produced a lotta shade -- and yes, a lot of leaves on the ground. But it was (mostly) a living thing, so it makes me a bit sad to see it chopped and chomped up into chips. Also, it also dramatically changes the look of our front yard. And we'll get much more sun on the house too.

    But it's a good thing to have the tree removed. Just yesterday, we had a wind storm. When we came home last night, there were a few branches on the lawn, one of which would have dented a car. And lucky for SM, they're removing the tree before the leaves have fallen. This will save him very serious hours of raking.

    So the once lush tree (okay, 1/2 lush) will soon be reduced to a creepy, limbless trunk (they come back to take the trunk and then again, hopefully, to remove the stump). It's actually been a very interesting process to watch. The guy responsible for cutting the branches did it very methodically and used ropes for controlled falls.

    Here are some pix.

    Done. For now. Kinda sad. But I guess this adds to the ambiance for Halloween!

    So now I need to go to work!

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