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  • Thursday, October 08, 2009

    And oh yea...

    In addition to all the crap with the house that I wrote about before, sometime during the summer (I don't remember when) our A/C went caput -- necessitating a completely new system (outside unit, water heater and furnace) to the tune of $10K.  Yay.  That, on top of the approximately $20K for the plumbing, new bathroom, ceiling repair and electrical work.  And our one car kept dying (three tows!). Now the gutters are falling off the house. 


    But the A/C is fixed.  And the car seems to be running reliably (knock-on-wood) now.  We still need to take care of the gutters.

    And then, what's next?  I should start a lottery to see who can guess what our next major fix-it project will be.  Any takers?

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