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  • Saturday, October 25, 2008

    IF Obama were to win on the 4th, what would his cabinet look like?

    My own little guessing game, based on mere conjecture combined with some wishful thinking... Your thoughts?

    State -- Dick Lugar
    Treasury -- Timothy F. Geithner?
    Defense -- Richard Danzig? Keep Robert Gates?
    Attorney General -- Eric Holder
    Interior -- Tom Vilsack? Tony Knowles?
    Agriculture -- Charlie Stenholm?
    Commerce -- a CEO
    Labor -- Dick Gephardt or David Bonior
    Health and Human Services --
    Housing and Urban Development --
    Transportation -- (Tim Kaine later in the administration)
    Energy --
    Education -- Joel Klein, Kathleen Sebelius (after her term is up)
    Veterans Affairs -- Tammy Duckworth (or Max Cleland)
    Homeland Security -- Jane Harman

    Environmental Protection Agency --
    Office of Management and Budget --
    National Drug Control Policy --
    United States Trade Representative -- Gary Locke (this the wishful thinking part)
    National Security Advisor -- Susan Rice
    Chief of Staff -- Tom Daschle!


    UPDATE (10/31/08): There are lots of folks making their own lists.  Check out The Huffington Post for their thoughts...

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