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  • Sunday, October 19, 2008

    My Sunday schedule

    * bake lasagne (for lunches for the week)
    * make chili (ditto above, for some variety)
    * organizing Christmas presents for SM's family to take up to NH with us when we go in a few weeks (so we won't have to lug them all when we fly up on Christmas DAY)
    * job applications
    * list more stuff on ebay to sell
    * take a shower?

    SM's list of stuff to do today:
    * watch football
    * watch the Red Sox/Rays game

    (okay, to be fair, he's already taken out the garbage/recycling, walked the dog, watched the political shows and emptied the dishwasher... and he'll probably try to do some ironing during the games that will basically occupy his attention from now through bedtime)

    Gidget's schedule:
    * hang out
    * whine at us for attention
    * eat when fed
    * sleep
    * go for another walk
    * bark at various things outside

    Hmmm, who's got the better plan for the day? I'm thinking it's a toss-up between SM and Gidget.

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