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  • Friday, June 27, 2008

    Women for Fair Politics

    Talk about hypocrites. Here's their welcome message:
    We are a grassroots organization that is reacting to the terrible treatment that Hillary Clinton has received during her historic run for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. We invite you to peruse this website, join in the conversation, add your suggestions, sign our petitions, and otherwise participate in our community and make it your own. It is only by banding together will we get the word out that the treatment of Senator Clinton by the media and the Democratic party is completely unacceptable. Together we will find a remedy so that NO ONE will have to face what Hillary has endured.
    And yeah, they're doing everything they can to support McCain. Supposedly because they don't like the way the Democratic party treated Hillary.

    Whoa. How do you get from not liking how Hillary was treated to supporting McCain? That's one hell of a leap of logic.

    I agree that Hillary was subjected to the most base, sexist and disgusting treatment in the media. And by pundits. I was appalled by how the media acted and that they got away with it, without question. If similarly degrading remarks had been made about Obama's race, there is NO question that folks would have been fired. But not when it comes to sexism. It's still okay in this country to treat women like second-class citizens and make jokes about ironing shirts or shrill voices, etc.

    I, too, am disappointed that Obama did nothing to call out the media and punditry for their incredibly sexist behavior. He allowed it to work in his favor, and that's all disgusting. Obama could have demonstrated some, any leadership. Any at all! He has a wife and daughters. Would he allow the media to treat them as they did HIllary? Is he only willing to speak up about an issue when it works in his favor? I dunno, and that's certainly a concern I have about him as our next president.

    But is he responsible for how the media treated Hillary? No. A little culpable maybe, but not responsible. Is the Democratic party responsible? Again, no. A little culpable maybe (even less than Obama, arguably), but not responsible.

    Does it help the feminist agenda, women's issues or progressive politics to blame Obama? No. Or the Democratic party? No. It only helps McCain, which is exactly their goal.

    But what does helping McCain do to advance their cause of trying to remove sexism from politics? Um, nothing. It's only a punitive, vindictive, big ol' F-you to the Democratic party.

    And nothing else. Just vindictive.

    And, if WFP really, really wanted to promote equality for women in all spheres, why the freak would they support a man who called his WIFE the c-word and a trollop in the company of others????? WTF? (And when asked about it in a town hall meeting, McCain didn't deny it.) I can't think of a more humiliating and degrading way to be addressed by your husband. I would have divorced him.

    But not the women in WFP. No siree. They don't see the irony in pushing an agenda that is respectful for women by trying to elect a prick who calls his wife the c-word.

    Nope, no problem for them.

    Hypocrites. Or else, they have another reason for trying to prevent Obama from getting to the White House.

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