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  • Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Second dress

    I think I've mentioned that I am having two dresses made for my wedding and reception. One with be for the Friday night ceremony, and one will be for the Sunday reception.

    The Friday ceremony dress will be off-white silk crepe with coral colored flowers. I "designed" it with the seamstress, and it will be made out of an old kimono and obi. The Sunday reception dress will be a little more casual but also made out of a kimono. This one will be made from a pattern though.

    Can I tell you how hard it was for me to find someone who would make a dress from a pattern? I got a number of recommendations for seamstresses, but when I called them, I found out that they would take alteration work, but not dressmaking. It was very frustrating. I finally found someone on Craig's List. I have no idea if she's any good, but I figure that a pattern is easier than making a dress based on a conversation (which is what I did for the Friday ceremony dress).

    I am going to meet the seamstress this afternoon. She said she'd charge only $50 to make the dress, which sounds really cheap to me. I decided that I would have her make a "practice" version -- that is, I am going to give her the pattern and buy some fabric. If I like how that dress comes out (not only the quality of her work, but also fit, etc.), then I'll have her cut the kimono and make a second one. I don't want to risk the kimono on something I may not like.

    So, here's the pattern for the Sunday dress. I'm having her make the straight version without the bows (the blue version on the right in this picture). I'm not a bow kinda-gal.

    Now imagine this this in a vivid purple with bright flowers towards the bottom of the skirt. Fingers crossed that it will turn out as I am imagining it.


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