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  • Saturday, April 12, 2008

    495 to 95 to 295 to 70

    Those are the roads I took to the meeting I had in New Jersey today.

    The driving was good. The meeting was good too. Kinda too bad that I spent (slightly) more time driving up and back than at the actual meeting, but it certainly could have been worse. I could have hit a lotta traffic.

    While on the road, I saw Obama stickers plastered all over bumpers going both ways. So many that it really made an impression on me. They seemed to be everywhere. I don't recall seeing Hillary stickers, although I must have. I did see at least one McCain sticker too. But then again, I also saw a number of Kerry/Edwards stickers.

    The most interesting thing I saw? A cop in an unmarked car that had pulled someone over.

    What made it so unusual was that the unmarked police car with which the cop nailed the wayward driver was a Mustang GTO.

    My first reaction? ::drool:: I think that's a way cool car.

    My second reaction? Ha! That driver got suckered!

    My third reaction? Poor guy. That's an unfair advantage for cops against speeders. I mean, who is going to expect a muscle car like that to be an unmarked police car? (But, tres fun for the the cop who gets to drive it.)

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