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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2007


    As soon as I got home from work today, I took Gidget out for a walk. (Okay, that's slightly unusual, but not the reason why I titled this post "Weird".) We have our girl on auto-feed for dinner, so I knew she would have already eaten by the time I got home. I also knew that once I got inside, I wouldn't have any interest in going out again.

    So, I took her around the block.

    It's an average block. A nothing-too-special-about-it block. A typical, post-war development, suburban block.

    On our walk, I saw the usual. Trees, houses, lots of cars, toilets.


    Uh-huh. Gidget and I saw not one, not two, but three toilets sitting outside.

    I'm talking human toilets, not the Gidget-kind (which would be any tree or telephone pole).

    Now, I imagine you're getting quite the image of my neighborhood. But toilets outside, in the yard and at the curb, are just not commonplace. In fact, I would say it was downright weird. Truly bizarre, even. I guess the homeowners were renovating, but there wasn't any evidence of that from the outside. Maybe they were just purging themselves of the extra toilets they had lying around? Or installing a few more? Maybe they were meant as artsy lawn furniture? Planters? Garden sculptures? I dunno.

    But there they were. Toilets. Huh.

    The second odd site -- which isn't exactly odd but more surprising -- was the house with its entire front yard populated with bright, glowing, blinking reindeer and other paraphrenalia. And lights strewn everywhere. I mean, all over.

    But it's not even Thanksgiving! It's still 50 degrees out! Huh???

    I was not ready for this sight, I must admit. I would have mocked the house, except I noticed that the homeowner was still in the front yard installing his electric menagerie.

    I guess some people think that "decorating" their homes this way jump starts the season and makes it last longer. I just think it's kinda sad and somehow diminishes the holiday season. I don't want the decorations to go up or the holiday songs to start playing until at least December. I mean, come on...! I'm just a Scrooge that way, I suppose.

    But, whatever. To each, his or her own.

    At least it wasn't my neighbor with the antsy for the bright lights.


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