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  • Monday, November 05, 2007

    Monday morning haiku

    Delays every day.
    My commute has now doubled.
    Damn, stupid metro.

    Seriously. I mean, seriously. What's the point of public transportation if it's completely unreliable? SM and I have hit major delays on our commutes every day -- usually going both ways, in and out of work -- for the past several. We've both been late for meetings and appointments, despite leaving early "just in case". On Thursday, it took me 50 minutes to get from my metro stop to the stop before where I get off for work. That's double the time for not even the full distance. Grrr...

    I am so very frustrated with the stupid metro. And they plan on two fare hikes? I think the various local governments need to pitch in more bucks to make the system actually work before they put it on the backs of the commuters.

    So. very. annoyed.

    But, speaking of something completely different... SM was thrilled last night with the Pats/Colts game. He had picked the Colts and the spread over the Pats. He figured that if the Pats won, he'd be happy; if the Pats lost, then he'd have the consolation prize of getting the pick right. He got both. The Pats won but didn't beat the spread, so he also won the pick in his football lottery. That pretty much made his evening.

    And, oh yea, it was a good football game too.

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