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  • Friday, November 09, 2007

    Hanging in MO

    Kansas City, MO. My connection from DC to San Fran. Was supposed to be about a half an hour between flights. Um, nope. Isn't turning out that way. We have a maintenance delay. Boo. At least the airport, unlike National in DC, has free wireless. Of course, there are all of three outlets in the entire waiting area, so most of us are running off of batteries. But free internet is good.

    Otherwise, otherwise... My stomach was still upset this morning from last night's taco pigout. I enjoyed it at the time, but retribution from my belly was swift. It just can't handle the fatty foods well these days. After a month and a half on the diet, my stomach isn't used to the guacamole, sour cream and cheese that I ingested last night. Oh well.

    Or maybe my body was rebelling at having to get up at 4:30 to get this flight. I've never before ridden the first metro train of the day. I did today. It had a good number of riders -- they seemed to be mostly blue collar workers off to their jobs. Not a single suit or briefcase among them, at 5:00 am.

    Oh, before I forget, one more thing... If you have the opportunity to travel on Midwest airlines, I recommend them. Okay, yeah, we're having a maintenance delay right now. But the seats on the plane were so. much. bigger than the usual coach class seats. Definitely more roomy, more comfy. That was great. I will definitely be looking to book flights on them from now on. I guess that also means I'll be seeing more of Kansas City.

    And yeah, that's about it. That's all I've got at 10:40 am (even though I've already been up for more than six hours... oof!). I don't anticipate this weekend to be particularly interesting either, despite being in San Francisco. I'm here for a board (bored?) meeting. I hope I see the light of day at some point!

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