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  • Saturday, September 15, 2007


    So I love eBay. And eBay loves me.

    'Cuz I spend mucho time and dinero there. Adding to my various collections and feeding my ever-expanding compulsions.

    Mostly, it's been a good experience. A learning experience, too.

    But recently, something which had never happened before happened to me. An icky something.

    I opened a package of an item I ordered. And when I was unwrapping it, a huge, darting, icky roach or water bug scurried out and across the table.


    I was so stunned that I didn't react at first, but damn if I was going to let that critter invade my roach-free house! I chased it around the table and lost it, to my dismay.

    I searched among the dishes on the table and finally spotted it -- and then crunched it -- running down the leg of the table.

    Eeew, eeuw, eeuw, eeuw.


    Maybe the lesson here is not to buy stuff on eBay?

    Yea, not gonna happen.


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