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  • Monday, August 14, 2006


    The chair!

    This is "ta-da" for two reasons -- first, I redid a chair. Yay! And it doesn't look too crappy. Yayay! If you look at the back, you can see the cording. Underneath is where it's not-so-neat-as-I'd-like. Oh well. The upholstery is actually much nicer than you can see in this photo. It has a very attractive but subtle design on it, but the resolution here is too low to pick it up. And if you saw a "before" picture, you'd appreciate this chair even more. Imagine bare wood with a light varnish but not stained -- turned almost black in some places from grubby usage -- with the seat and backrest covered in orange vinyl (ditto about the grubby factor). With that in mind, not too shabby a re-do, eh?

    The second "ta-da" is that I took this picture on my camera phone and bluetoothed it successfully to my laptop. That little feat of technology may actually be more of an accomplishment for this Mac newbie here who also doesn't have a clue about most of the functions on her phone.

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