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  • Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    The macaca is hitting the fan

    Well, Georgie definitely stepped in it with his doofus remarks the other day. The WaPo is editorializing about it; the blogs are wagging about it; the community groups are issuing statements; I've since seen the video clip countless times on the news.

    So I'd say that Webb's hay was spun into gold.

    And more aricles in the Post: Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide... This is the kind of nightmare that all campaign managers fear -- a stupid, insensitive, bullying comment (giving doofus a rather generous assumption of the benefit of the doubt that no racial overtones were intended) gaining the national spotlight and staying there for a day.

    And you know you're in trouble when a National Review editor notes that incident shows that Georgie "has a mean streak."


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