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  • Sunday, July 23, 2006

    That's three!

    I'm in WTF territory right now. I have now encountered three -- count 'em, 1. 2. 3. -- hugantic flies in my apartment in the past day and a half. I'm talking horse-sized flies, not just regular houseflies. One got the squish (and in the process I broke a nice jar of preserves from the local farmer's market... grrr), and two got the shoo (no, not shoe -- but shooed out the balcony door).

    Now, I'm not afraid of flies or anything. I'm just wondering where the heck they're coming from. I have no open windows. Heck, I've barely been out of the apartment, so nary a cracked door.

    So does that mean they hatched inside here somewhere? Eeeeeuw.

    I guess I found an unemployment project. Summer cleaning. Bleh.

    CORRECTION: 4! Dammit!

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