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  • Thursday, April 13, 2006

    The Power of Three meme

    The Power of Three: See Spot run.

    1. Three things you'd like to SEE in your lifetime, whether or not you think it's likely.
    1. A female president (of the United States, that is).
    2. Same sex marriages recognized AND respected in all 50 states.
    3. George Clooney knocking on my door, flowers in hand and asking for a date.

    2. Three SPOTs that you have visited that are "must see".
    1. The inside of the White House. Whether you like the resident or not, it's really awe-inspiring to visit a place where such historic and monumental decisions were/are made. Plus, it's really just cool to see all the furniture, art, etc. that's there.
    2. New York City. Just because. If you haven't been there, you'll know why the second you get there.
    3. Jerusalem. Talk about history. Talk about breath-taking. Oh my. The ancient part of the city is so steeped in history... and politics. It's truly a beautiful and wonderous place.

    3. Three people you'd like to see RUN for public office and why.
    1. Al Franken. Because he's smart and funny and informed, and his campaign would illustrate the sheer ridiculousness of politicking.
    2. Ben Stein. For the same reasons. Also to have a "Franken-Stein" debate.
    3. Tom DeLay. So I could see him lose.

    Now tag three people.
    Okay, Scooter, Denise and (let's see if she'll do it) Lizbeth.

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