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  • Saturday, February 28, 2009

    The inaugural dresses

    Here are some pix of the dresses. Yes, I pixelated my face. It seems silly, given the fact that I put up wedding photos and am identifiable in them... You can laugh at me if you want.

    The gold dress was from the evening before inauguration, and the blue dress is the evening of inauguration (at an unofficial ball that we left by 10:30 because we were exhausted).

    SM and I with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki (former Chief of Staff of the Army and retired 4-star general). He is one of the nicest, most dignified and gracious men I've ever met. Truly a gentleman.

    Secretary-designate (of Commerce) Gary Locke (former Governor of Washington), Irene Hirano (a.k.a., Mrs. Daniel Inouye), Senator Inouye and me. Gov. Locke and Senator Inouye are also incredibly down-to-earth and friendly.

    SM and I taking a picture of ourselves in a mirror, just goofing around.

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