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  • Thursday, November 06, 2008

    Last report from Iowa aunt...

    SM's aunt, a fervent(?) and very thrilled Democrat, sent us this email today:
    In [XYZ] County Iowa we had over 40,000 early voters.  That accounted for 1/3 of the eligible voters.  We had tons of people (a little bit of an exaggeration) sign up to vote for the first time on the day of the election.  I worked the polls and had over 1,000 people vote in my precinct.  My dad worked the polls and also had over 1,000 people vote in his precinct.  We had temperatures in the 70's and had great voter turnout.  I did have to turn away 2 people because they lived in Illinois, but used to live here and they wanted to vote here.  Since they lived across the river I had to tell them to go there.  The polls there closed earlier than Iowa, so they were already too late, but I had to follow the rules.  They should have thought of it earlier.

    I was very pleased with the results of the election!  I know [SM's dad] thinks the world is coming to an end financially because of Obama, but I think he is wrong.  I guess time will tell.
    Indeed, time will tell. The way I figure it, how much worse could things get financially?  And what SM's dad refuses to recognize is that at his retirement income, Obama's tax plan will help him out a whole lot more than McCain's proposal.  But, people believe what they hear from people they trust, regardless of the facts.

    I guess time will tell.

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