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  • Friday, January 18, 2008

    Took yesterday off

    Been working sooooo much lately that I used some comp time and took yesterday off.

    Here's what I accomplished...
    1. slept until noon, literally
    2. tried on some clothes that haven't fit since... um, the start of law school? Still hoping to get into some interview suits (which was a low-weight period for me)
    3. shoveled the steps and walk
    4. walked Gidget
    5. vegged
    6. one and a half loads of laundry (wet stuff still in the washer)
    7. baked a cake (not from scratch, but from a box)
    8. did some work for a meeting this Saturday (non-work)

    Notably, no shower. I figured I'd take one after shoveling the snow, but never got there. I'm fermenting right now. I need one desperately and am off to get squeaky clean now.

    And then to work.

    But only for a half day. Yay!

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